Staff Favourites

Winter 2019



Pierre-Yves Colin-Morey 2017’s

I’m obsessed with white Burgundy, and so I’m loving (and coveting) the new releases from Pierre-Yves Colin-Morey. There aren’t many white Burgundy producers mentioned in the same breath as Coche-Dury, but Pierre’s incredible, precise style has not only put him in a league of legendary winemakers, but has also put St-Aubin on the map as a source of unassailably fine wine without the price-tag of regions such as Puligny-Montrachet and Meursault. I’m recommending the 2017 St-Aubin Le Banc as a good introduction to the style of this exceptional domaine. We also have a few vielles-vignes (old vines) and Premier Crus available, in very limited quantities so let me know if you’d like to know more.



2018 Corymbia Chenin Blanc, Swan Valley - $32

Having just come back from a few months in Margaret River, it may be surprising that my current pick doesn’t actually come from Margs, but from a little further north…in the often underestimated historic region of Swan Valley. I was fortunate enough to meet the team behind Corymbia – Genevieve and Rob Mann – during vintage and helped to pick their first Cabernet off the vine. With two kids, two full time jobs and two vineyards between them, you’ll struggle to find a more hard working couple anywhere, and struggle further still to find two more lovely, passionate people. It is truly a pleasure to be able to share their story with the world.

Those who remember my recent visit to Stellenbosch are surely bored to death of this by now – but the team at Atlas have been raving about the versatility of Chenin Blanc for a while now. Chenin can be picked early to produce mineral, elegant sparkling wines, or later to produce anything up to the sweetest styles. Corymbia’s Chenin is a waxy, dry style – not dissimilar to high quality Vouvray – with beautiful beeswax, pear and peach blossom notes and rippling acidity. Pair with anything you bloody want; but sourdough toast and homemade rabbit rillettes is my personal favourite.



Fighting Gully Road Chardonnay, Beechworth - $38

For me, this is quite simply the best dollar for dollar Chardonnay in Australia.  And maybe the World.  And maybe the Universe. M-uahahahahah.

Seriously though, Beechworth is hot news for Chardonnay (because its so cool ;-b) and Mark Walpole is doing a sensational job.  Working side by side with another legend, A Rodda, in a winery contained in the Old Asylum, these guys produce some crazy good juice.

This Chardonnay gets just about everything right - flavour, oak, structure, finish.  It honestly wouldn't look amiss in a tasting of Chardonnay's 3 times the price.  And in fact it might well win.  But don't take my word for it - get involved and check it out for yourself.



2016 Crawford River Cabernet Franc, Henty - $45

A pretty little Cabernet Franc in its 3rd year of production. Utilising the maritime breezes of the southern ocean, this Henty winery sits at 110m altitude, allowing this delicate cooler climate franc to enjoy the extended time on the vine! 🍇This allows for a racey natural acidity and elevated perfume, it shares notes of plum, earth, blue fruits, choccy and boiled raspberries that gets the palate tingling

Excited for the future of this vineyard... Another smart wine from Crawford River! 



BEER! Cos Someone has to talk about beer, right? :)

On the back of another incredible Good Beer Week and a huge thank you to all the volunteers, organisers, brewers and breweries involved - we’ve got a raft of new beers hitting our fridge doors in the coming weeks. Alongside the seasonal shift in the weather, we’ve got some delicious dark beers in stock..

  • MoonDog Cake Hole Stout - Think Black Forest Cake in a glass! With extra coffee :)

  • Dainton Violent Crumble Honeycomb & Toffee Stout - You guessed it, Violet Crumble, honeycomb deliciousness.

  • Fury and Son Scotch Ale - Not for the faint hearted this ale aged in whisky barrels packs a caramel/toffee punch backed by a smoothness and richness from the whisky barrels that softens on the palate and keeps you warm in the colder months.

  • Co-Conspirators ‘The Apprentice’ Chocolate Milk Stout - A smooth full bodied malt-driven beer with flavours of dark roasted grains, coffee, biscuit and toffee balanced by the addition of lactose and cacao nibs all the way from Panama.



2017 Straws Lane, Mount Macedon Pinot Noir - Joshua Cooper $65

The first time that I visited Straws Lane, near Mount Macedon, was with an old friend who believed in magic. They had excitedly promised to take me to a physics defying, anti-gravitational, magnetically charged section of road-where objects mysteriously rolled up-hill. We stopped the car in the middle of the lane, cut the engine, shifted gears into neutral and proceeded to freak-right-out as our car appeared to be magically pulled toward Hanging Rock. It was wild.

I can’t say for sure exactly how this affects the vineyard, but this wine tastes really, really good.

The Straws Lane vineyard sits at an altitude of 2800 feet above sea level, on the northern face of Mount Macedon and is the latest ripening site in the region. The long, cool, slow and steady ripening periods produce small crops of intensely flavored grapes. The result is fantastic-The wine is fresh, focused and bright, perfumed with wintry pine needles, warm spices, fresh strawberries and red currants. This is a direct and elegant expression of the vineyard and the region. Just magic, really.



2018 Wangolina Motepulciano, Limestone Coast. S.A. $30.

It’s just a few short weeks until the Tour de France is upon us once again, (watch this space!!!) However, there is another amazing bike race on at the moment; It’s the Tour of Italy, and just quietly; It’s better! The racing, the scenery, the Italian passion, the pain, and not a sunflower in sight.

So....cutting to the chase, I’ve been eating a lot of late-night pizzas and drinking a lot of Italian wine and Australian Italian varietals.

I’ve had a few really good ones and the Wangolina Montepulciano from the limestone coast in South Australia is no exception, It’s delicious!

It’s medium bodied but full of flavour. With purple plums and dark wild berries on the front and some lovely herbal savoury notes of fresh thyme and a little spice with a nice light lick of tannin to tie it all together. This is a satisfying winter drop that far exceeds its $30 price tag.

Enjoy it with your favourite pizza or pasta and a mountain stage in the Italian alps.

Delizioso! (That’s yummy in Italian.)